A general dentist can remove some teeth. However, most dentists refer tooth removal, especially wisdom teeth removal, to an Oral Surgeon, including Bel Air, MD wisdom teeth extraction patients.

Oral Surgeons offer specific expertise and dedicated surgical facilities that can benefit you during and after surgery. Learn from The Maryland Center why your dentist may send you to our specialists and how we approach your treatment.


Our doctors are ADA-recognized surgeons who serve patients throughout Bel Air, MD; Owings Mills; and Cockeysville. Wisdom teeth extraction, dental implants, bone grafting, and corrective jaw surgery are among our areas of specialization.

In addition to performing surgical procedures, our Oral Surgeons instruct dental students, train residents, conduct field research, and take part in studies for new techniques and medications. This background means that we can provide reliable results to our patients and use technology that provides greater accuracy in your treatment.

Experience with Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Oral Surgeons spend the majority of their time performing surgical procedures rather than more general dental procedures like cleanings and fillings. As a result, they have extensive experience completing wisdom teeth extraction efficiently, safely and in a way that promotes healing.

In addition, some procedures are more complex than others. When there is a challenge during surgery, most patients prefer to have an Oral Surgeon perform their surgery. Since Oral Surgeons regularly deal with damaged, infected, and impacted teeth, they have the experience to manage concerns or complications effectively.

Training in Anesthesia

Wisdom teeth extraction generally requires sedation or general anesthesia. One of the many reasons general dentists refer patients to Oral Surgeons is because they have extensive training in administering anesthesia.

At The Maryland Center, we have equipped our facilities with modern operating rooms and monitoring equipment that allows us to provide surgical procedures safely. Our team of surgical assistants is certified in outpatient anesthesia, and our doctors carefully perform every step of your extraction, including sedation.

Choosing an Oral Surgeon for your surgical procedure allows you to have confidence in the care you receive. Explore more information about The Maryland Center, or contact us today for an initial consultation.

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