Our goal is to transform the lives of those who are having difficulty dealing with failing teeth or the burden of wearing dentures. We understand the pain and consequences of a day without the ability to chew, eat healthy foods, speak confidently, or walk into a room with a big smile – and we are committed to giving that back to our patients.

Smile Complete customized full-arch transformations offer patients so much more than the procedure widely advertised by implant super centers. We provide a long lasting solution for our patients that is customized to their specific needs, because we know every patient is unique.

What Is Smile Complete?

Smile Complete is an innovative procedure that transforms the lives of people who have suffered with a diminished quality of life due to failing and missing teeth. This customized, full arch transformation provides a complete set of implant-supported replacement teeth that look and function like natural teeth.

Dr. Hyatt with patient at Maryland Center for Oral Surgery & Dental Implants.

Each patient’s new smile is designed specifically for their needs, and to create not only a natural-looking smile, but also overall, natural-looking facial aesthetics. This is done working in a team setting that involves experts in their field, including the patient’s general dentist or prosthodontist, their hygienist, an expert laboratory technician, and our experienced surgeons.

We utilize leading edge technology for diagnosis, treatment planning, and guided surgery, as well as the highest quality implants and components to achieve the best outcomes possible for our patients.

What Are the Benefits of Smile Complete?

Improved Health & Function

Because dental implants function like tooth roots, providing a strong, stable foundation for replacement teeth that are attached to the implants, patients are able to eat the foods they love; chewing and digesting properly, thereby improving overall health.

Enhanced Quality of Life

A beautiful new smile that is secure not only improves appearance, but also restores confidence and overall well-being. The ability to smile and laugh naturally, socialize with ease, and enjoy eating again in comfort, dramatically improves patients’ quality of life.

Natural-Looking Smile

Smile Complete gives patients a natural looking smile with replacement teeth that are designed for each patient.  Personalized treatment provides optimal esthetics and function of the teeth and smile, as well as a more natural-looking facial appearance.

Nonremovable & Stable

Smile Complete provides a fixed set of replacement teeth anchored by dental implants, which provides stability and a sense of security.  Removable dentures that slip when talking and eating, and are often painful,  simply cannot compare to the comfort of Smile Complete.

Drawings of traditional dentures, 2-implant supported removable denture, and smile complete fixed hybrid denture.

Why Is the Team Approach so Important?

We believe we can provide the best possible care of our patients when we partner with other experts to deliver what is known as “the team approach” to treatment that is customized for each patient.

Having the patient’s own dentist involved in the process is important, because that’s the restorative expert that knows the patient’s dental history and individual needs, and can guide the process of designing the ideal smile.

Providing hygiene maintenance is critical to the long-term success of Smile Complete restorations and there’s no one better than the patient’s hygienist, who is familiar with that patient’s oral health and home care habits

If patients do not have a dentist, we are happy to refer them to one of our Smile Complete Restorative Dentist partners who is experienced in delivering the restorative aspect of Smile Complete treatment.

What Is the Treatment Process for Smile Complete?

The first step in the treatment process is a comprehensive examination and consultation with one of our experienced oral surgeons.  3D scans will be taken for diagnostic purposes.  These scans provide detailed views of the teeth, bone, and other anatomical structures that will be evaluated when the surgeon develops the ideal treatment plan in consultation with the patient’s restorative dentist.  This involves determining the best prosthetic design and the number of implants required to support the new set of replacement teeth.

Once the treatment plan has been developed, the smile design appointment takes place at the restorative dentist’s office, where photos and impressions are taken, and the shape and shade of the replacement teeth are finalized.

The surgical procedure will be performed in one of the surgical suites at the Maryland Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants.  The patient will be kept comfortable throughout the procedure with the appropriate anesthesia, while the surgeon removes any remaining teeth in the arch being restored and places the dental implants.  A new set of temporary replacement teeth will be secured to the implants, which will be allowed to fuse to the bone before the final prosthesis can be seated, usually a few months later in the restorative dentist’s office.