For your comfort, surgery can be performed under local anesthesia, fully awake; under general anesthesia, fully asleep; or with light sedation combined with local anesthesia.

Local Anesthesia
With local anesthesia, you are fully awake during the surgery.  This is the type of anesthesia used most commonly for simple procedures, where patients experience little anxiety.  An injection of medication numbs the area where surgery will be performed.  This is not recommended for patients who are uncomfortable with popping and grinding noises.

Light Sedation
Intravenous sedation, or “IV sedation” helps you to be comfortable when undergoing your oral surgery procedure. Sometimes referred to as “twilight” sleep, this is designed to enable you to undergo your surgical procedures while being very relaxed, alleviating the anxiety associated with your treatment.

General Anesthesia
Our surgeons are uniquely trained and qualified to provide general anesthesia. This skill assures that patients are comfortable during surgery and have an easy recovery.

Oral surgery can be intimidating, but our oral surgeons will make sure you feel comfortable throughout the whole surgery process with anesthesia and pain relief options. Contact any of our offices in the Baltimore area for more information.

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