There are varying degrees of quality when it comes to dental implants. As a leading practice in the Mid-Atlantic region, The Maryland Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants only uses premium components in the procedures it conducts.

Several factors affect the quality of dental implants:

  • The manufacturer. We choose products from companies that have refined production processes with very close tolerances. This ensures that the dental implants they create meet exacting standards.
  • The construction. The Maryland Center selects components that are durable and that are designed to support the same functions as your original natural
  • The material. Dental implants should be composed of materials that are biocompatible (work with the body) and that are strong enough to last for years.

The Maryland Center recommends one option above others for patients in Owings Mill: premium quality dental implants made of titanium. Learn why.

The Advantages of Premium Quality Titanium Dental Implants

You may be familiar with titanium from its use in airplane parts, industry, or even popular sporting equipment. The metal:

  • Is low density and high strength.
  • Is very resistant to corrosion and is non-magnetic.
  • Doesn’t conduct heat or electricity well.

All of these qualities make it an excellent material for use in surgeries that include hip replacements, knee operations, and, of course, dental implants.

Titanium is also the most biocompatible metal for dental implants. The titanium oxide layer on the outside of the implants has almost the same composition as the bone osteoblast (cells that form bone). As a result, it is highly unlikely that the body will reject it.

Owings Mill Dental Implants and Bone Resorption

Seamless integration with the jawbone is important. Without a dental implant, the bone in the area of a missing tooth will began to resorb within the body. Over time, this can cause the missing tooth to appear even more noticeable and can even affect the structure of the face.

Titanium dental implants bond with the existing jawbone. As replacement tooth roots, they encourage the growth of new bone and should preserve your smile for years to come.

The Maryland Center uses these and other high-quality materials because we know how important your results are to your oral health and daily life. Whether you are interested in dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, or another procedure, contact us to learn about our practice.

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