Young Female With Feather Crown at BeachThe Maryland Center recommends that patients have wisdom teeth removal between ages 17 and 21 unless a dental evaluation determines that this timing should be sooner or later.

At this age, a parent is usually managing the process for their young adult child, consulting with their general dental practitioner or Orthodontist about which Oral Surgeon to use and then contacting our offices for further guidance.

Whether you are a parent or a young adult considering the procedure, you might be unsure why surgery is necessary earlier in life. The reasons have to do with the resiliency, elasticity, and healing ability that come with being a young person as well as the timeline for the wisdom teeth’s development.

Wisdom Teeth Removal and the Growth of Third Molars

It’s around the age of 17 that your wisdom teeth will likely begin to emerge from the gums. For many people, the existing teeth—the ones that have already erupted—can prevent the wisdom teeth from aligning properly or keep them from coming out of the gums at all.

With an evaluation, The Maryland Center can determine whether your third molars are likely to become impacted, cause problems for surrounding teeth, or emerge out of alignment. Since these are likely outcomes, we may recommend wisdom teeth removal to avoid future problems.

Extraction for Older Patients

Waiting to have your wisdom teeth removed until later in life can complicate your experience:

  • As the wisdom teeth develop, they grow a more extensive root system. Your Oral Surgeon may need more time and may have to perform a more invasive procedure to remove these teeth.
  • Younger patients tend to have fewer risks with any surgical procedure.
  • Similarly, young people tend to heal more quickly from surgery and may have a more flexible schedule for their recovery. As an older adult caring for a family or as a working professional, you may find it more difficult to fit wisdom teeth removal into your schedule.
  • Patients should give themselves the opportunity to have the most comfortable recovery possible. Young adults usually have a built-in support system—AKA, their parents—that can help them just after and in the days following surgery. This might be harder for adults.

The Maryland Center prioritizes patient safety, comfort, and effective results. Whether you choose to have wisdom teeth removal with us as a young adult or later in life, you can expect a high-level of care throughout your experience.

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