Female Eating an Apple Laying on GrassThe most “obvious” sign that you should consider wisdom teeth removal is reaching your teens. At this stage of life, your third molars will begin to erupt from the gums to take their place alongside your other teeth.

However, wisdom teeth do not always erupt completely into the mouth, because there is limited space in the jaw. This is the main reason people require surgery.

Guidance from Dental Professionals About Wisdom Teeth

Most patients receive a recommendation from their general dental practitioner or Orthodontist when it is time to have their wisdom teeth removed.

Your dentist will use an examination to determine how much room there is in your mouth as your wisdom teeth grow. He or she may also employ a panoramic radiograph to make an initial judgment about when the wisdom teeth should be removed.

As your wisdom teeth grow, they have the potential to emerge at an angle, which can push your other teeth out of alignment. Wisdom teeth can also become impacted within the jawbone or underneath the gums. Either can affect your oral health and the aesthetics of your smile.

What to Look For On Your Own

There are some patients who do not receive a recommendation from their dental providers or who do not have their wisdom teeth removed as teens. In these cases, The Maryland Center recommends that you schedule an appointment as soon as possible to find out whether you need surgery. Delaying care can lead to complications in treatment down the road and cause you unnecessary discomfort.

Here are some signs that your wisdom teeth have developed incorrectly and you may need them extracted.

Pain. If you feel tenderness in the back of your mouth on the lower or upper arch, your wisdom teeth may be impacted.

Teeth emerging at the wrong angle. As wisdom teeth look for a way to emerge, they may position themselves at a horizontal angle or grow towards or away from the other teeth.

Swelling / jaw stiffness. Partially erupted wisdom teeth can collect bacteria and cause an infection, which leads to these symptoms.

General illness. Poor oral health can affect your overall health. If you experience this or any of the signs above, wisdom teeth extraction can help you to alleviate the symptoms and restore your smile.

Contact your local office of The Maryland Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants to schedule an initial consultation about wisdom teeth removal.