Smiling Brunette With Green EyesWhether you have lost a tooth to injury or disease and decay have weakened your teeth, dental implants provide the desired solution for tooth replacement.

At The Maryland Center, our practitioners are specialists in oral surgery and the field of implant dentistry. They recommend dental implant treatment to patients who require tooth replacement because of the advantages that it holds over alternatives.

Dental Implants and Long-Term Oral Health

Older methods of tooth replacement were a series of compromises:

  • If a dentist had to extract and replace a single tooth, he / she would shave down the adjacent teeth to bridge this gap with an artificial crown.
  • The process would weaken these nearby teeth, and as bone receded from the jaw in the area of the bridge, patients required more and more bridgework.
  • At a certain point, when several teeth lost or compromised, the dentist would fit the patient for a full denture to replace all of the teeth.

Replacing teeth using older methods can both undermine the strength of the entire arch and lead to bone resorption in the jaw. Dental implants do not have these concerns. Following this approach, your Maryland Center surgeon, in conjunction with your dentist, can create provide new tooth roots and natural-looking crowns that act and feel like natural teeth.

Lasting Solution

Addressing a missing tooth with a bridge can lead you into a cycle of dental treatments. This means you have to sit through multiple procedures and pay the additional cost of ongoing care.

As an alternative, dental implants are a durable and long-term solution to missing or damaged teeth. The tooth roots that your surgeon creates develop a strong bond with the jaw bone and serve as anchors to the new crowns. They offer the same functionality as your existing teeth and are expected to have a longer lifespan than bridgework. Ultimately, this can lower the cost of your treatment.

Comfort with Dental Implants

The final stage of bridgework is often full arch replacement with dentures. Many patients complain about the challenges that dentures present in day-to-day life. Namely, they require special care, limit your diet, and, as bone resorption occurs, can slip or move during meals or while speaking.

Dental implants are an excellent alternative in terms of comfort. Because your surgeon attaches crowns to implanted tooth roots, you can speak, chew, and smile the same with your new teeth as with your original set.

If you are evaluating tooth replacement options—whether it’s for a single tooth or a full arch restoration—be certain to explore dental implants first. The advantages can offer a significant improvement in quality of life, durability, and your long-term oral health.

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