Close Up of Female With White TeethDry socket is a painful condition that can occur after wisdom teeth removal. At The Maryland Center, our surgeons and staff have the experience to recognize this issue and to help patients resolve it effectively.

Dry socket typically occurs with patients who have a lower tooth that was causing discomfort, pain, or other complications before the surgeon extracted it. The term “dry socket” is historical; today, surgeons who provide wisdom teeth removal are less apt to blame the condition on dryness and now contribute it to the loss of a blood clot within the extraction site.

Treatment After Wisdom Teeth Removal

The staff of The Maryland Center wants your experience from start to finish to be as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Please contact us as soon as you begin experiencing problems so that we can offer a solution.

Usually, our surgeons will treat dry socket with a special medicated dressing, which they place on the surgical site. You will likely need to wear this dressing for a day or two. After this time, you should consult with our practice to let us know if the dressing resolved the issue, if the dressing needs to be changed, or if you are still having pain or discomfort.

Preventing Dry Socket Following Wisdom Teeth Removal

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid dry socket after wisdom teeth removal. Most focus on allowing the surgical site to heal. We recommend that you:

  • Don’t smoke, as suction can affect the surgical site.
  • Don’t blow up balloons, exhale too forcefully, or otherwise put strenuous force on the socket.
  • Avoid chewing near the surgical site or otherwise disturb it.

While it’s good to know the symptoms, don’t become too focused on dry socket or other complications. The vast majority of The Maryland Center’s patients experience a normal and healthy recovery, and we are here to support any patients who require additional help.

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