The Maryland Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants emphasizes care and comfort. It’s one of the reasons that patients have turned to us for their most important dental procedures for over 40 years.

Dental implants are a strong, lasting, and natural-looking tooth replacement option for patients in Cockeysville. Dental implants are among the most common procedures our doctors conduct, and so we are able to answer many questions about the surgery, including one of the most typical: “How painful is the experience?” Here’s what you should know.

Perspective on the Dental Implant Procedure

Maryland Center patients are almost always surprised about how little pain they have in the dental implant procedure. In part, this is because the idea of “surgery” gives patients the expectation that there will be significant discomfort, and our procedures are much gentler than they were anticipating.

There is another reason, however. Dental implant procedures are different than other procedures, such as wisdom teeth removal or extractions. During those surgeries, the gum tissue, which is home to a lot of nerve endings, is impacted.

Dental implants are lower impact. In the procedure, your oral surgeon is preparing the bone for placement of a new tooth root. The nerves in the bone are less sensitive to pain, and so you have much less discomfort than you might experience in these other procedures. Many of our patients can take a Tylenol and can get back to normal activities that same day.

Caring for Your Comfort with Dental Implants

In each of our offices—Bel Air (MD), Owings Mills, and Hunt Valley—dental implants are performed by experienced oral surgeons. As doctors with advanced training, they are experts in patient care, anesthetics, and pain management.

Before your procedure, our team will discuss your questions and concerns. We will talk with you about different options for anesthesia and recommend the one that fits best with your procedure. This may vary depending on the number of dental implants we are placing, your health, and your personal preference.

For patients in Cockeysville, dental implant treatment may be a limited procedure, especially if they are only replacing a single missing or damaged tooth. In these cases, a local anesthetic usually works just fine as the procedure takes place quickly.

Patients with a more extensive procedure can receive sedation or twilight medication that keeps them unaware of discomfort. Oral surgeons are specifically trained in administering anesthetic and sedatives, and they monitor patients carefully to protect them throughout their procedure.

Learn more about what you can expect with dental implants by contacting the Cockeysville dental implant experts at The Maryland Center at 410-666-5225.