The strategy that your Oral Surgeon uses to repair your smile depends on your needs:

  • You might have lost a single tooth due to an accident.
  • Severe trauma may have cost you several teeth.
  • Dental disease or wear-and-tear may mean replacing an entire arch of teeth.

Fortunately for our patients in Bel Air, MD, dental implants can resolve each of these issues and create a stronger, natural-looking smile. Learn from The Maryland Center how we address missing and damaged teeth, and then contact us for an initial consultation.

Single-Tooth Dental Implant

The gap that a single missing tooth creates can make you feel less confident about your smile. Dental implants can not only restore missing teeth; they can also offer durability and ongoing oral health benefits, unlike some other replacement options.

A common alternative to a dental implant is a tooth-supported bridge. With this approach, a dentist cuts down the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth and then cements an artificial set of teeth in their place. While this can create a full set of teeth on the surface, this type of bridge doesn’t replace the tooth root.

This matters because:

  • Without a tooth root, jawbone in the area of the missing tooth deteriorates.
  • Over time, gaps may appear between the tooth-supported bridge and the natural gum line.
  • If a front tooth is missing, a visible indentation in the gums and bone appears as the bone deteriorates.

Dental implants restore and preserve jaw bone while creating an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Dental Implants for Multiple Teeth

If you are missing several teeth, The Maryland Center can place dental implants and crowns that completely restore your smile, offering you the look, feel, and function of your original teeth.

Some dentists recommend a tooth-supported bridge or a removable partial denture to replace missing teeth. Unfortunately, neither of these options creates new tooth roots like dental implants do. In addition, the removable prosthesis can:

  • Actually damage your existing teeth.
  • Cause discomfort.
  • Inhibit speech and limit the foods you may eat.
  • Accelerate bone loss/deterioration.

Dental Implants to Replace All of Your Teeth

Dentures used to be the most recommended solution for restoring the entire arch of upper and lower teeth. The advantages of dentures are that they offer quick and complete restoration. However, they don’t provide the same stability, function, and comfort as your own teeth.

Through treatment at The Maryland Center in Bel Air, Hunt Valley, or Owings Mill, dental implants and crowns become a seamless part of your smile. They promote bone growth in the jaw, preserving the structure of your face even as you age.

Whether you have one missing tooth or require full restoration, we encourage you to explore our services in Bel Air, MD. Dental implant patients can contact The Maryland Center at 410-838-7301.